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I actually do not disagree with the list at all......though as a UK fan I will defend Calipari a little......with college football, basketball, etc.... recruiting plays a huge role in who is the best teams each year.  It sucks but its the reality

I break it down as a 50/50 split with recruiting/and everyting else(development, X and O's)
I actually think self should be first.
Izzo would be 30-35 recruiting and maybe 45-50 coaching
Pitino would be 40 recruiting 40 coaching

So I see it as Cal is absolutely 50 recruting, so if he gets a 35/50 on coaching he is still better for the overall outcome of the season than other coaches.   I think one thing people forget about Cal is that he is very good at player development (see JORTS and Liggins, neither had any business in the draft), he is also good at having players check their ego at the door, which is tough when the players are elite(see austin rivers). 
His X and O's are suspect at times and I think he shuts it down and plays clock way to early sometimes to shorten game.  If you are up 15 points with 10 minutes left just keep doing what you have been doing is my train of thought, but oh well.

Self can recruit up there with Cal, and is a better coach in other regards and thats why I said he should be first.

But I think people do not look at the full picture.

Izzo could have won at UK this year, Cal would not have won if he coached mich state,   but Cal would have won at mich state with UK's players.....thats the point.   The best players win 9/10 the coach may play a role in the outcome of 1/10 games when you have superior talent.

I think people also do not realize that cal just started getting stud recruits towards the end of memphis......D. ROse was the only 5 star player on memphis roster when they lost to Kansas.    Just for the record Kansas had 5 five star players.  

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